Refunds of China Section 301 Tariffs May be Available (Must file by 9/18)

September 14, 2020

Did Section 301 List 3 or 4a duties affect your company in a big way? Pending litigation in the Court of International Trade may provide an avenue of relief, but companies must act quickly! On September 10, 2020, a group of importers filed a lawsuit in the Court of International Trade claiming that Section 301 Lists 3 and 4a overstepped the authority outlined in the Trade Promotion Act of 1974 and the notice and comment period outlined in the Administrative Procedures Act. If successful, the government could owe importers who file independent claims the amount of Section 301 duties paid, plus interest. However, importers who do wish to file an independent claim for List 3 duties must do so by September 18, 2020 to preserve their rights. If your company wishes to explore this avenue and needs assistance with filing a claim with CIT, please contact us ASAP!

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